About Bird Control Systems

Offering a compressive range of Bird Control Systems carefully selected to enable bird pest problems effectively and humanely SNPS have a solution. Making the right decision on which solution is best is not one to be taken on your own, free advice is available from SNPS’ dedicated team who will answer your questions and guide to the right solution.

  • Bird Nets are the most successful way of protecting areas for bird pest problems, as long as they are properly installed Bird nets will provide 100% protection.
  • Bird Spike Systems are a great way to stop perching and nesting on ridges and ledges, we offer a range of bird spikes to protect against Pigeons and a slightly heavier spike if Gulls are your problem.
  • Post and Wire systems are another successful way to stop roosting and perching on ledges and are less visible than the spike options.
  • Birdscape is a unique product which allows trapped birds to escape from nets humanely.
  • Pneubird Bird Repellent Systems for areas where other methods of birdproofing are not possible.