About Safety Netting

A collective and passive protection system, safety nets are used to save lives and reduce injuries on site by absorbing energy from a falling body when working at heights. At SNPS we supply and install a vast range of safety net solutions. Our safety netting complies with EN1263-1 and EN1263-2 standards and the HSA’s Code of Practice for Safety in Roofwork, which means that it:

  • Reduces potential falls
  • Minimises the effects of falls
  • Provides collective passive safety
  • Allows a broad range of activity to continue with minimum restriction
  • Saves time by allowing greater mobility for those working at height

SNPS personnel are fully qualified riggers and undergo ongoing professional training ensuring operatives are up to date with all new legislations and Health and Safety requirements.

Safety and quality are of paramount importance to SNPS and using our unique NetLog software application we have the ability to track over 4500 nets which boasts an intelligent booking system and full reporting facilities ensuring complete net traceability and repair histories. We are committed to annual testing & rigours maintenance of all nets ensuring nets are systematically maintained and are tested to ascertain whether the safety net meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s withdrawal from service level. All safety nets that are in service have been tested within the previous 12 months to ensure they meet or exceed this level, from this each individual safety net carries a system I.D tag and certificate of conformity.

Residential Netting

At SNPS we specialise in safety net installation providing a collective and passive protection system for residential construction projects offering a wide range of fall arrest safety netting solutions to suit the build from new house builds to re-roofing safety nets are the most efficient fall arrest system for home and residential applications.