About Collapsible GuardRail

Freestanding Collapsible/Folding rail is a lightweight system which uses a proven counter balance system. As its name implies this system can be installed completely freestanding with no need for drilling or penetration of the roof membrane.  A fold down system has all the advantages of the ridged freestanding system with the addition of the improved aesthetics from below. This can be useful in planning issues and conservation areas. When folded the highest point is only 330mm above the roof surface.


Utilises the minimum numbers of components and requires no special tools for installation.


Galvanised anti-corrosion coating equivalent to BS EB ISO1461 with zinc coated steel grub screws.


Prefabricated components allow quick and easy erection and adaption.


Lightweight components including 100% recycled rubber components weighting just 20KG.