About ParapetĀ GuardRail

Our Parapet system is a lightweight edge protection system which uses a bracket to secure the handrail over the parapet. This system is for use in situations where there is a parapet wall in place but the height of that wall is less than the minimum height recommended by current health and safety legislation to be used as fall protection.

The bracket is fully adjustable to allow installation over copings of various widths and angles. The parapet system shares many components with the freestanding and topfix systems which allows all three systems to be installed together on the same project. The top riser is fully adjustable allowing the height of the horizontal rails to be adjusted. Our parapet system is ideal for use in situations where access is required close to the edge of the roof.

The Rhinorail parapet system is quick and easy to install and can be added to, reconfigured or adapted just as quickly. Our range of high quality galvanised fittings mean there is no need to bend or weld saving you time and money on site.

The parapet system is only for use on good quality coping stones which are capable of withstanding the additional loading exerted by the system.

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